Anuncios Posdoc/ Plazas

The lab of advanced therapies for pediatric solid tumors at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and CIMA (Pamplona; Spain) seeks highly motivated post-doctoral research fellows and research assistant to investigate the development of new therapeutic approaches for pediatric solid tumors and adult gliomas

Contract: Full time, 3years.

Salary: Gross annual salary commensurate to the candidate experience with social security benefits (including sickness and parental benefits, pension rights and unemployment benefits).

Application process: Highly motivated candidates, please, send complete CV, cover letter and two reference contacts, to

Project scope

The position is available immediately to work in the lab of Drs Marta Alonso/ Ana Patiño/Jaime Gállego. The main objective is to develop and characterize new immunoviruses for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors (Glioma, DIPGs, pedHGG, AT/RTs amongst others). In addition, the candidate will participate in research involving clinical trials where we utilize the adenoviruses for the treatment of brain tumors.

The successful candidate will:

  • Work with immunosuppress and immunocompetent brain and ostesarcoma models

  • Apply histopathology, cell biology, molecular biology techniques

  • Explore in the pre-clinical mouse models the therapeutic potential of novel immunoviruses.

  • Collaborate in multiple projects and the supervision of pre-doctoral student(s).

  • Be in permanent collaboration with basic, translational and clinical researchers at CIMA, Clínica Universidad de Navarra and IdISNA, as well as international.

Qualifications to be considered:

  • PhD training in biological or biomedical sciences

  • Animal handling experience

  • Molecular biology expertise

  • Immunology and flow cytometry knowledge

  • Competitiveness to complement or extend this contract with additional grant/fellowship applications (e.g. Marie Curie actions, Juan de la Cierva/Ramon y Cajal programs, …)

  • Good interpersonal skills (English and communication, motivation and resilience, organization and connectedness, creativity and initiative, …)